Xtreme Tools Professional Salon Quality Manicure/ Pedicure Nail Drill Set. Great For All Nail Types. Acrylics, Natural Tips, Manicures, Gels, Pedicures, Artifical Tips, Wraps

Please read before using and retain this portion for future reference.
Directions for Use (see picture)
1) Hold down on spindle lock button (L) and then unscrew (Counter-clockwise) collet chuck (C) just enough so that it becomes lose, but do not remove collet chuck nor the drill bit holder (A) from the machine.
2) Insert drill bit attachment being used into collet chuck (C) + (A).
3)Tighten screw collect chuck (clockwise) to tighten spindle and hold drill bit attachment in place.
For professional use only. Keep away from children's reach. Keep away from water to prevent any injury or electrocution.
11 Piece Kit Attachments
2 Diamond Bit / 
2 Grinding Stones /
1 Felt Point /
1 Sand Paper Spindle /
3 Sand Paper Sleeve /
1 Collet Chuck / 
1. AC/DC Adaptor /
Point diamond bit Carves into corners and hard to reach spots.
Flat diamond bit Removes hard and dry skin from heels and soles.
Flat grinding disk o shape, sculpt and trim.
Cylinder grinding stone Removes rough and dry skin from around the nail and treats callouses.
Felt point To slightly buff the nail surface for added shine.
Sanding paper sleeve Shapes nails to a smooth gentle edge.