XBI Professional Quality Roll-On Wax Warmer, Professional Salon Quality, Fast & Easy Wax Removal System, Rated #1 Roll-On Wax Warmer By Professionals

Directions For Use:
Insert plug into the wax warmer.
Remove plastic cover from the warmer, and then insert the wax cartridge.
Plug wax warmer to power outlet and let wax pre-heat for approximately 15-20 min.
During this time you can clean desired wax area with water and soap, and pat dry after. This step is very important because it will allow for wax to be applied easily
and evenly onto the skin. Now check to see the liquidity of
the wax. It should be heated enough so that it is easily flowing in the cartridge.
When wax becomes liquefied you will be ready to begin waxing.
Tips When Applying:
To apply evenly keep wax cartridge head positioned flat against the body and always make sure wax is liquefied.
Apply wax to a small area at a time then remove with wax removal strips. This will not allow the wax to dry onto the skin.
Do not let wax harden on skin. This will make it difficult to remove later.
It's best if you use an after wax emulsion or remover to remove remaining waxy residue.