**Product Description:**

**OKAY for MEN 5-Pack Gift Set**

This 5-pack gift set is designed for hardworking men who take pride in grooming and self-care. Made with natural ingredients, this comprehensive set covers all essential aspects of hair, beard, and body care. Perfect for daily use, it combines convenience and quality to keep you looking and feeling fresh.

1. **Shampoo, Conditioner & Treatment (2 fl oz / 59 ml)** - A 3-in-1 solution for hair and beard care, enriched with all-natural castor oil to cleanse, condition, and treat your hair, leaving it healthy and manageable.
2. **Hair & Beard Moisturizing Lotion (2 fl oz / 59 ml)** - A lightweight lotion that hydrates and softens both hair and beard, ensuring they stay moisturized throughout the day.
3. **Castor Oil Hair & Beard (2 fl oz / 59 ml)** - Nutrient-rich castor oil that promotes growth and maintenance of strong, healthy hair and beard.
4. **Castor Oil Pomade (2 oz / 56 g)** - A versatile styling pomade for hair and beard, offering a strong hold and natural shine without the use of harsh chemicals.
5. **Aluminum-Free Deodorant (2 oz / 56 g)** - A deodorant that provides all-day freshness with a natural formula free of aluminum, ensuring you stay odor-free and confident.

- Made with natural ingredients
- Suitable for daily use
- Ideal for all hair and beard types
- Convenient travel sizes
- Perfect gift for any occasion

**How to Use:**
- **Shampoo, Conditioner & Treatment:** Apply to wet hair and beard, lather, and rinse thoroughly.
- **Hair & Beard Moisturizing Lotion:** Apply a small amount to hands and work evenly into hair and beard.
- **Castor Oil Hair & Beard:** Massage a few drops into scalp, hair, and beard. Use daily for best results.
- **Castor Oil Pomade:** Work a small amount into hair or beard and style as desired.
- **Deodorant:** Apply to underarms as needed.

- Promotes healthy hair and beard growth
- Keeps hair and beard moisturized and manageable
- Provides a strong hold for styling
- Ensures all-day freshness and odor protection

**Made in the USA** and crafted for men who value quality and natural care products. This gift set is an excellent choice for yourself or a loved one who appreciates premium grooming essentials.